Norep represents experienced photographers and filmmakers with distinct styles from across Europe.
Our artists are handpicked for their originality and creativity. this agency believes in producing exquisite commercial content for high-end clients as much as it encourages the independent projects for personal recognition.
Michael Blann
London advertising photographer working directly with global brands, advertising agencies and design agencies helping them to realise their marketing campaigns. Key photographer on the rebrand of PwC Photo library (last 8 years) and specialism in sports photography (particularly cycling) for clients such as adidas, SKY, Zwift, Nike and Shimano. Other clients include Microsoft, PwC, Hewlett-Packard, EDF, BBC, Tesco and Sainsburys, to name a few. Previously worked as staff photographer at Getty Images within their Creative Library.
Michael Müller

Michael Müller is an internationally operating sports photographer especially known for his passion for all kinds of outdoor, winter, endurance and fitness sports. He loves to work with only natural light situations in all weather conditions.

His customer base includes well-known ad agencies and companies in the sports and people & lifestyle industries from around the globe. He accompanies you from the idea hunt and conception up to production and post-production to achieve the best results for your product.

Michael is supported by a strong team of cinematographers and assistants who share the same passion for photography.

Florian Bison

We could tell you that Florian was only 7 years old when he got his first camera and that his parents are super artsy fartsy.

The truth is that he didn’t really get into photography until he was 25 – he lived in Malaysia at that time and was lucky to get a good deal on his first DSLR camera.

It took him another year and a trip to South America to realize that photography suits him better than a suit. All this in mind he decided to chuck his plans for a business masters overboard and traded that grey office desk in for a camera.

These days he doing what he would’ve been doing a lot earlier if he got this camera when he was 7. he snap photos and make films.

Hendrik Nennecke

Born in Hamburg he took an apprenticeship at Gruner und Jahr publishing right after school. From then on Hendrik worked as a photojournalist for more than 12 years. His focus mainly on social documentaries all around the globe. Wanting a change in life he moved to London to assist several advertising and fashion

photographers. Today he lives just outside of Hamburg.


His Client list includes international fashion as well as advertising brands such as AOL, Becks, Bosch, Cottonworld India, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Glamour, Windsor, Loewenbrau, Mastercard, Marlboro, Mexx, Menth Health, Nike, Villeroy und Boch and many more…

Mario Entero

Mario is an adventure & travel Director - Photographer based in Fuerteventura Canary Island Inspired by the beauty of the places he travelling he likes to transmit the emotions of the person lives. "Searching for visual feelings". Through his photography ignites a spark in people, the spark that motivates them to develop their own connections with the earth and explore the world in which we live.

Norep is an extension of NODOP which with Loop Film and Truenorth is a cooperative that together forms the biggest and most established office specialising in service production in Norway.

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