Michael Blann in Oslo

Michael Blann has signed with Nodop and we are delighted to announce that he can now be booked directly through us, in Oslo, Scandinavia or anywhere! 

With a background as Getty Images Creative photographer and as an elite racing cyclist Michael has found his voice with a portfolio and ideas about the type of things he wants to photograph. He is working for the best agencies and brands in the world shooting advertising campaigns and helping companies see their ideas come to life.

What has caught our interest in Michaels work is his ability to create an exquisite artistical image from a mundane every day situation. His skills to use natural light, and distance himself from the surroundings to make it his territory and crop his frame is fascinating! 

Michael is not only an amazing industrial photographer but he has taken his passion for racing cycling - not to mention his abilities for the sport - and he has created his unique style to sports advertising.

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