We love connection the dots for your productions! 
Nodop is the biggest full-service production company in Norway for stills and video production.
Our team is committed to support your production needs accross Norway, Scandinavia, France, Scotland, Iceland and South Africa. Years of experience have secured a solid business relationship with all our suppliers. Our aim is to make your shoot an unforgettable experience.
"Linn-Camilla & her team were great host & looked after us all fantastically. In the run up to the shoot she was totally instrumental in making sure the clients brief was met. I hope we can work with NODOP again really soon!"
" Norway, Sweden, Miami, NODOP is a truly global production company. They’ve produced some epic fashion shoots for us in the remote Islands of Norway, the cobbled streets of Stockholm and the vibrant and colourful back drop of Miami Beach. Stills or video, there’s no brief too complex that NODOP can’t handle. Linn has great global contacts that make any budget work anywhere in the world. That’s why we keep coming back."
Simon Campbell, SEVEN UK


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As a full-service production company we embark on adventures all the time, big and small, approachable and remote, tropical and polar. We work with teams from 10 to 50 people on set and for long hours at a time. The entire team is always away from home and luxury is seldom present. We value comfort though!


As a production company our biggest work is to provide well being to our teams: The time to let them focus on their purpose, the support making sure all practical needs are met, the space, location best fit for the job and the food - `Happy tummy happy team` is one of our Nodop slogans. When you are out all day, 15 hour days, for several days in a row - your best memories are created around the catering tables. This is where you cool down with fresh fruit and cool drinks or where you heat up with hot soup and hearty stews.